Exotic flowers are great for growing indoors because they love the warm weather and can handle very well humidity so you can enjoy their beauty both in the summer when the temperatures get very high and in the winter when you heat your home. If you decide to start growing exotic flowers at home, here are some of the most common ones that you can easily take care of.


This gorgeous plant that offers bell-shaped flowers in a wide range of colors is perfect for your home as it adores the pleasant warmth. Plant it in the autumn and put it in a bright spot where it will receive natural sunlight and water and fertilize it until the flowers appear in single or double blooms. In the summer, the plant will go to sleep until next autumn.


Most of you have seen the anthurium in the flower shops but few of you knew that it is an exotic flower that can be grown at home. The interesting shape and the variety of colors make this flower a great choice for indoor gardening because it offers plenty of blooms that can easily handle high humidity and warmth.


This flower looks stunning and is one of the most demanding yet interesting exotic flowers to grow at home. The plant will only bloom once in a flower that seems to be formed of its own leaves then it will slowly reproduce in offshoots and die. If you decide to grow this plant, you need to do some research on their growing requirements to make sure you will offer it everything it needs.


Another gorgeous exotic flower is the calla that can reach up to 3 feet in length and offer flowers colored in red, orange, yellow, white, or pink. If you want a truly amazing flower, opt for the black calla that will add a touch of mystery and decadence to your flowers garden. The calla is ideal to plant in spring so the flowers will appear in late summer.


This is the most common exotic flower you see growing indoors and this is because it adapts very well to the indoor conditions. The rich variety of orchids guarantee that you will find the one to thrive in your home and you will enjoy flowers of multiple colors from white and pale pink to dark violet and blue.