Most of the times, your garden becomes your favorite place for parties, weekend barbecues, and other types of entertaining outdoor activities. This is nice, but what if you simply need to sit and relax while admiring your beautiful flowers or taking an afternoon nap? For times like this, you need an outdoor bed where you can lay down and feel as comfortable as if you were in your bedroom. In shorter terms, a garden bed can become an oasis of relaxation so you should include it in your garden décor plans.

Carefully choose the mattress

The most important detail of a garden bed is the mattress that needs to be very comfortable, durable, and resistant to changes of temperature. Choose a hypoallergenic model that keeps dust mites away and allows the air to circulate so no mold spores will develop inside it. We recommend a waterproof cover to prevent moisture form getting inside the mattress.

Opt for various styles of garden beds

    • A simple yet stylish idea of a garden bed is a regular size bed with a canopy decorated with veils that will protect you from the sun and insects. If you have an old bed that you can use, build it a canopy using a metal or wooden frame or you can buy one made of rattan that comes with its own canopy, like the one in our picture. The veils can be easily attached to the top of the canopy and tied to the poles for easy access in and out of the bed.
    • The swing bed can become the centerpiece of your garden and your favorite relaxation place for the summer. For an elaborated design, opt for a wooden bed tied to a matching pergola that will keep you shade. This swing bed is actually a sofa with an interesting shape that would look great in a garden decorated in a traditional way. There is also a pergola to keep the swing bed above the ground using some ropes that match the natural aspect of the bed. The bed is decorated with colorful pillows and has a soft mattress.
  • Check out this interesting garden bed that is so versatile that you can use it in many ways. It’s made of rattan and contains 5 pieces that, put together, create a round bed just perfect for a nap. When separated, the pieces can be used as four chairs and a small round table so you can adapt this bed to all your needs.