An English garden inspires you mystery and beauty as well. These gardens are without a doubt absolutely gorgeous, and if you decide to create one as well, then you will definitely make the right choice. Consider the following English garden essentials, in order to make sure you will obtain a wonderful result.


These are the most common plants found in in English gardens. Therefore, they should not miss from your garden either. Plant them randomly, and in groups. Perennials look great, and they need little maintenance. They also like shade, and they will grow beautifully without sun as well.

Climbing roses

Climbing roses look absolutely amazing and they are also perfect for this style. In lots of English gardens you will find small red climbing roses, which are usually grown close to the fence or to some decorative wooden arcades. Climbing roses are also very easy to grow, and they will highly beautify the entire landscaping, not to talk about their fragrance, which is absolutely fantastic.


All English gardens have a lawn. Therefore, you need to have one as well. Just make sure you maintain it properly, in order to look fresh and nice at all times. A lawn mower would be absolutely perfect as it will help you cut the grass at the same height without any sort of problems.

Wooden or iron outdoor furniture

If you decide to create a relaxation area in your garden as well, then you need to go for wooden or iron outdoor furniture, just like the one in this picture. Maybe it is not the most comfortable one, but it is definitely the most English one, and if you choose this style for your garden, then you should also choose the same style for the outdoor furniture as well.


Statues should also not miss from your English landscape. There is a large range of models available on the market these days, and you will certainly find one that will look great in your garden. The chosen statue could be small or bog, depending on how much space you have.

Water feature

A water feature is without a doubt one of the English garden essentials. Therefore, you can create a pond for example, or you could go for a stone fountain, small or big, depending on the space you have. However, the effect will be amazing, not to talk about the relaxing sound that the water will make.