A modern home deserves a poolside area to match its elegance and enhance the luxury feeling so you shouldn’t get cheap in choosing the design and decorations of your poolside. From interesting pool shapes to unique furniture to improvements like saunas and hot tubs, everything should blend into a sophisticated outdoor design that will improve your cub appeal.

Design an interesting pool

Since it’s a poolside area, you need to focus on the pool and make it the centerpiece of the entire décor. Depending on the space you have available, choose the pool size and decorate it with stone, glass or marble. The latest hack would be water coming from the walls to fill the pool and to ensure the pool water circulation and filtration. You can use our model as inspiration if you want to design an interesting pool.

Install elegant pool furniture

Don’t forget about the pool furniture that you will need in order to make the place as practical as it it beautiful. Choose sophisticated pieces of furniture like canopy beds or futuristic sun lounges in light tones and don’t forget about tables and chairs. Unless you have a covered area, the umbrellas are a must to protect you from the sun.

Consider an outdoor sauna

Saunas are commonly known for their relaxing effects and you can enjoy them anytime you want even if you don’t want to install one indoors. The outdoor sauna is the alternative that can be installed in your poolside area without too much hassle and without having to make home modifications. Simply build the sauna near power and water sources and take advantage of the relaxing moments it offers. There are various sauna designs to choose from so you will certainly find the one to match the rest of the outdoor décor. Our choice is a glass sauna that fits perfectly into a modern garden.

Opt for a hot tub as well

Swimming in the cold season is not as tempting as swimming in the summer but you still wouldn’t want your pool to become useless when the temperatures get too low. The solution to this problem is a hot tub placed near the pool where you can sit and relax even during the cold days. Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes and can be integrated to the overall design of your pool so the final aspect will be pleasant. Nevertheless, a hot tub will be the ultimate touch to your modern poolside area.