When you think of a garden, you picture dozens of flowers in colorful blooms that spread a pleasant fragrance in the air. If you want to grow the garden of your dreams, you need to know that things won’t come easy and that you will need to invest time, patience, and money into your garden if you want it to look perfect. Caring for a plant since it is only a seed is something that requires a lot of passion and attention, plus some secret gardening tips for growing the most beautiful flowers.

Offer your flowers plenty of sunlight

Nevertheless, the main ingredient a plant needs is the sun that must nourish it for at least 6 hours every day. Therefore, when you decide on the place for your flowers garden, make sure it is a site that receives direct sunlight most of the day otherwise, your plants will not deliver the expected blooms. If a plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will grow leaves and not flowers, which is not what you would want from your flowers garden.

Choose the soil carefully

Besides the sun, your flowers will also need to rely on a good soil that will transport all their nutrients. A soil that is too sandy will simply let the water flow through it without taking it to the flower while a soil that is too sticky will capture the water and keep it from flowing. Therefore, the soil must be moderate sticky and sandy so water will drain well. The organic matter in the soil is also essential as well as the pH and fertility of the soil that can be tested to determine its productivity.

Decide between annuals and perennials

There are two types of flowers that can be planted in a garden and these are annual or perennials. As expected, annuals go through the growing cycle once every year and remain bloomed the entire season before creating seeds and dying, without blooming again the next year. The perennials, on the other hand, remain in the soil for years, even decades, and keep blooming year after year, with the only drawback that the flowers only last a few weeks. Both types come in a variety of options and the choice is up to you.

Plants either seeds or sprouts

When it’s time for planting, the question that comes in line is whether to buy seeds or plants that will become your future flowers. If you opt for seeds, you must know that it will take plenty of time for your flowers to sprout and to bloom and you might need to go through this phase in an indoor environment such as a greenhouse. If you choose plants, the flowers will appear sooner and there will be less gardening required. However, choose plants that haven’t bloomed yet because you will want then to bloom while in your garden.