Have you just moved into a new house and the garden looks disastrous? If so, then you definitely need to make it look absolutely amazing, and with the right design you will achieve your goal. Here are some modern garden design ideas, which will definitely help you obtain the desired result.

Choose a simple yet beautiful design

If you do not want a complicated design, then you need to go for a simple one, similar to the one in this picture. It is modern and very easy to maintain. The only thing you need to do is to make sure you cut the lawn regularly, in order to look fresh and stay healthy. Other than this, you will not need to do other things, especially if you go for some plants and flowers that do not need maintenance at all. You could also place some wooden benches, so that you can relax while you enjoy the fresh air.

If space allows you, then go for an amazing landscape

If you have a big space, then you can create not only a wonderful garden, but an amazing relaxation area as well. Just like in this picture, grow the desired plants and trees on the side, and create the relaxation area in the middle. In the front, you can build a swimming pool. A modern design like this will probably cost you lots of money, but the result will certainly be to your liking. Therefore, confidently take your inspiration from it.

Small spaces can also look great

If you have a small space, then this design is perfect for you. Place a wooden bench in the middle, and create your garden around it. Go for plants instead of flowers and make sure you choose those who can grow beautifully in the shadow as well. In this photo, the owner has chosen to add some light as well, in order to create a very pleasant environment. Keep in mind that a modern garden requires few colors, when it comes to the furniture and the floor. Do not use more that 2 or three colors, and make sure they are earthy hues. All these modern garden design ideas, presented in this article will definitely provide you the necessary inspiration for obtaining the desired result.